Our Story...

“Congrats son, you can start on Monday but, whatever you do, buy a new suit – that one’s awful – it doesn’t even fit…”

I bought my first suit for my graduation and, hand on heart, it was a transformative experience. I felt like I had gone from an average student to CEO the instant I tightened that tie.

That was, until the closing remarks of the above job interview…

How was I to know what fit and what didn’t? What complimented and what contrasted?

And this is coming from someone who, at that time, spent a lot of time and money caring about the type of animal that sat on the chest of his polo shirt.

So, from that day on, I’ve been building networks and knowledge, know-how and experience and with it, a fresh perspective. A perspective on how we should shop and what we should prioritise.

After all, our grandfathers – despite having fewer opportunities and fewer options – were better dressed than us.

How can we help?

Embracing a ‘style is permanent, fashion is temporary’ approach – we are focused on cloth, cut and construction.

A retail model where fit, fabric and convenience are prioritised over stock turnover, large footfall and upselling. By keeping our overheads low and our business mobile, we’re making tailoring attainable once again. A return to old school principles but dressed up in digital convenience.

In short, you no longer have to compromise on fit, fabric or style – the choices are yours. The suit, shirt or sports coat are yours and yours alone. No longer cut in their thousands and sold off the rack but, designed by you, delivered by us.

Made-to-measure or made-to-order tailoring only.

This is Wolf in Wool. A new chapter in retail.

We look forward to hearing from you.