I am not here to tell you how to dress.
Instead, I’d like this fortnightly email to arm you with some knowledge
about how to dress more thoughtfully
To move on from “ah sure, it’ll be grand” to
“no… actually…”
And it’s our principles that will, hopefully, guide you in this journey.
And, like all good principles, ours are based on the sum of
our experiences.
For instance, the suit pictured below – my first –
should never have been allowed to leave the shop floor
The salesmen either didn’t know why or, he simply didn’t care.
The fit is, simply put, horrendous.
  • Three buttons (all fastened but, that’s on me)
  • Too large in the shoulder 
  • Far too long in the sleeves
  • It’s shapeless, with pants that are baggy and too long
  • The suit’s black, an impractical colour
  • Some advice around a tie knot would’ve been helpful
  • And the combination!? Black, white and purple? A colour more associated with bruising than fashion!
Suit Fit
My first suit versus a more recent effort. One ready-to-wear, the other made-to-measure.
The difference?
Fit, fabric, thoughtfulness, no more, no less…
And so, our business’ primary purpose, our over-riding principle,
is to address the shortcomings of this purchase, on that day.
We aim to do so by helping you create your perfect fitting garment,
fit for it’s purpose.
To guide you through the process and make it as convenient as possible.
Design it online (or don’t, that isn’t a requirement).
Make an appointment and, we’ll bring the shop to you.
Measuring tape, some friendly advice, samples to try on and cloths to touch, feel and view.
Buying a suit was once a rite of passage for a young man and yet,
somewhere down the line, it became a chore, an inconvenience.
Our aim – guided by our principles – endeavours to address just that.
This is an old world tailoring service, dressed up in digital convenience.
The first in our series of more thoughtful dressing will follow shortly.
We’ll speak soon.
Team Wolf