Most of us have had that ‘Uber’ moment – the first time we used it – “I can’t believe how simple this is”.

Mine was the May Bank Holiday weekend, 2014. New York City. The first round of the Connacht Championship. Hopelessly lost. With yellow cab after yellow cab giving this stumbling 30 something in a Mayo jersey a distinctly wide berth. 

I’d been told about Uber earlier in the day and, on that night, on the Upper East Side, it was my saving grace.

A simple solution.

The Solution

Any new approach to a tried and tested business model (Uber, Air BnB) will, naturally, be met with scepticism day one. 

Prior to blearily pressing ‘confirm’ on my first Uber booking I was debating whether or not I should just continue to wave frantically at the traditional taxi’s speeding past.

Here at Wolf in Wool, we’re taking a new world approach to old world tailoring,  a digital spin on the tried and tested model of retail suit buying. We’d be foolish to think that the good people of Ireland wouldn’t view our business through the same sceptical lens.

Afterall, designing your suit via our online Suit Designer at, seems like a stretch surely?

What if the fabrics aren’t representative? What if I end up like one of those ‘I ordered this online and this is what arrived’ memes (but a less funny version as it’s my money wasted)?

We understand these concerns and so, today, we’d like to walk through an actual, real world example of how things go, should you consider Wolf in Wool for your next sartorial purchase. 

For you to take a leap of faith with us, we have to bring something concrete and credible to the table. We need to give you some peace of mind.

So, here goes…

Suit Designer

Our Suit Designer is the first of it’s kind in Ireland. It exists as, for me, once upon a time, a trip to a suit shop was just a blur of blue-on-blue garment monotony. Eventually, I’d lose patience and grab the last thing I tried on. 

In short, there was nothing considered about the purchase (and suits are, for the most part, expensive purchases which should, most definitely, be considered).  And whilst there’s an easy way to buy most things online.

A suit, where fit, fabric and feel form a large part of the decision making process, isn’t one of them.

We want to change that. A simple tailoring solution.

In this example, I’ve used one of my favourite fabrics – 70% wool, with the balance 30% blended from silk and linen.

It is an absolute dream for versatility – race meets, summer weddings, nights on the town, casual Friday’s. Whether you work in tech, hospitality, finance, professional or medical services. You can dress it up or dress it down. Best of all, you cannot confuse it as an ‘orphaned’ suit jacket. It stands proud and tall as a sport coat / blazer (note: we use those terms interchangeably).

Each component of the fabric brings something to the table.

The wool gives the jacket drape, fit and shape. 

The touch of silk gives the garment a certain lustre – an elegance that only silk provides – elevating it from the usual matte finish of other blazers and sports coats. 

And the linen provides those beautiful fabric nubs and imperfections throughout, which lend every linen garment absolute uniqueness. Unsurpassed texture.

Step 1

Here’s the design on our site, found via the ‘Summer Wool Blends’ filter:

Hit apply, pop it on our model, save or screen print your design and arrange an appointment at your convenience. We’ll come to you. You have complete flexibility in terms of your preferred arrangements and location.

Step 2

At our meeting, as well as taking your (20+) measurements, we’ll:

  • Bring along the fabric so you can get a feel for it and inspect it up close and under light. 
  • Further render it for you, onscreen (below), to triple check your fabric of choice:

In this example, we’re throwing traditional menswear aside and dropping in some ivory buttons (with a splash of peach on the final button hole for good measure).

Along with cloth, cut and texture of the fabric, we’re making this as relaxed and versatile a jacket as we can. 

It is absolutely, positively, not an ‘orphaned’ suit jacket but, a sports coat, easily transitioning from dress down Friday to Saturday night smart, effortlessly.

The possibilities and options are endless (and we’re happy to discuss these on the day or, in the lead up to your appointment) but, from the Suit Designer and fabric swatch through to the rendering, we ensure you’re definitive in your final cloth decision.

Here’s the complete render:

Sin é!


As promised, the finished product. 

Which will be with you within 8 (guaranteed) weeks:

Thanks, as always, for reading.

We are here for you should you have any questions or queries about what we do, how we do it or, about menswear in general. We’ll speak again soon.

#dontbeasheep #beawolf


Team Wolf

Design Suit Online