So, this is what now?

It’s new retail – an online store with a personalized twist – we bring our shop to you, anywhere in Ireland.

Browse our fabrics online, design your suit and then simply book an one-time appointment to get measured up and finalize your requirements.

Once we have your measurements, you’ll never have to enter another suit shop again…

Can you be more specific?

Unlike traditional retail, we do not have a large shop front in a prime location and a store room full of stock, chewing up cash and capital.

We do not have an expensive physical presence that requires high footfall to justify high overheads.

Instead, we decided to keep our costs low and with it, make tailoring attainable once again.

In short, we’re a made-to-measure / made-to-order clothier (i.e. your suit does not exist, until you say so) cutting your garments, per your instruction, per your design, just like tailors did in our grandfather’s day.

We have no suits ‘out the back’ to sell – we supply your garment only.

And so what happens?

In the traditional retail model, a buyer buys in ready-to-wear stock to their tastes, per their manufacturers sizing and style, on a seasonal basis.

Our model has the store come to you – by booking an appointment, we’ll bring our fabric books, some sample garments to try on and a measuring tape to your preferred location (home or office ).

We’ll measure you up, go through your preferred styling selection and deliver a suit to you within 8 weeks (for our made-to-measure service) or 5 weeks (for our made-to-order).

And the difference between made-to-measure and made-to-order is?

Our made-to-measure service is our ‘bells and whistles’ option – you benefit from our full suite of fabrics, buttons, linings and styling options – whilst having a suit cut to your specific measurements.

Our made-to-order service is simply our ‘whistles’ service – we have a selection of pre-existing suit designs which we can adjust for your sizing before it leaves the tailoring facility. It is quicker and cheaper as a consequence but, slightly more limited in terms of the depth of offer.

And it takes how long?

An 1 hour, private appointment, followed by a (no more than) 8 week wait for delivery (guaranteed*)

What happens during an appointment?

We’ll talk through your ideas (our online Suit Designer, is a great starting point for inspiration).

Walk you through our simple design process.

Take your measurements.

Show you your designed suit, photo-realized, onscreen, to give you an idea of the finished product.

And answer any menswear questions you may have…

And why would I go made to measure / made to order as opposed to off the rack?

We believe there are only three Cs worth discussing when it comes to menswear:

Cut / Cloth / Construction.


Off the rack suits are typically sold by chest size (36 through 50+) whilst trousers are sold basis waist (28-50+)

From there, the brand decides that say, a man with a 38” chest, has a certain arm length, a certain shoulder slope and so on and so forth.

We are not all born equal. Some of us hurl, some play ball, cycle, lift weights, golf – we have bigger arms, bigger legs, bigger chests.

Simply put, we don’t all necessarily subscribe to a brand’s idea of a man’s body shape.

Wolf in Wool addresses that. We take over 20 measurements to ensure your garment fits you perfectly.

What’s better, once your measurements are on file, you’ll never need to enter another suit shop again.


We have an extensive range of inhouse and name-brand-mill fabrics to suit every budget and taste – from wool-synthetic blends, worsted wools, woolens through to cashmere, silk, mohair and angora.


In order to save time and costs, fast fashion houses, more often than not, glue their mass-produced jackets and garments together…

…Even at our entry level, made-to-order tailoring, all our suits are stitched and half canvassed.

Full canvassing is available at an additional cost.

And pricing?

More information on our pricing is available on our suit designer but, broadly speaking:

Entry level, made-to-order tailoring starts at EUR400 for a 2 piece suit, EUR475 for a 3.

Entry level, made-to-measure tailoring starts at EUR435 for a 2 piece suit, EUR495 for a 3.

A 100% Italian-milled wool, with a full canvas and horn buttons, made specifically for you, will cost approximately EUR500 for a 2 piece and EUR600 for a 3.

Our wool / silk / linen blazers, made-to-measure, starts at EUR430.

Tweed jacketing starts at EUR460.

Made-to-measure shirts, in 100% cotton, including your initials embossed on the cuff and, your choice of one of our 8 collar and cuffs styles, start at EUR110.

And winter flannel suits start at EUR490.

But you only do suits?

No no – we do beautiful summer sports coats, in linen, cotton, wool and silk.

Winter wear – flannel trousers and jackets, tweeds and woolens, moleskins and heavy cotton twill trousers.

And shirts, personalised made to measure shirts, designed by you.

And these guarantees you mentioned?

We get that this is new way to present retail and, we get that this is different.

And, we understand your risks as a customer – the suit doesn’t turn up in time or, you wait 8 weeks and it doesn’t fit.

So, our guarantees are three fold:

  • We guarantee that your garment will be in the country within 8 weeks or, 20% off your order.
  • We guarantee it will fit. If not, we’ll pay for any adjustments required.
  • If, in the rare event it does not fit and is unadjustable, we’ll remake it, free of charge.

Wolves are leaders. They look after their pack. We do the right thing.


These suits are not for everybody, they’re only for you so, we do not accept returns for a change of mind.

However, we guarantee the fit of all your garments and any and all alterations are for our account.

In the rare event a suit is un-alterable, we will remake the piece, free of charge.

How do I get the best deal:

Refer us to a friend to get an EUR20 voucher!





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